About us

We are a team of software professionals with over 2 decades of industry experience. We focus on solving day-to-day software development issues by developing software tools. This helps our prospective customers in cutting down their product or maintenance cost.

Centraal is a Dutch word and in english it translates to Center. The service is for any software house or for an independent software developer. If you own a product and dont want to host your own license server, LMCentraal can serve your need. With LMCentraal, you can purchase keys for your software, distribute to your end customer and get the key authenticated with the help of our published webservices.

All this in three easy steps -

  • Purchase your keys by logging into customer area ( first 50 keys are free )
  • Allocate keys to your customer
  • Use our web-services in your software to authenticate the key.

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